The card debacle of 2018

Our family Christmas card was the #momfail of the 2018 holiday season (or the first of several, it is early after all). After having beautiful pictures taken with Santa by the wonderfully talented Mariah Springs, I spelled my own kid’s name wrong on the card. Yep, I left the R out of Patrick christening him Patick for our annual card.SantaSessions2018-371

I know lots of people don’t even bother with Christmas cards, but I like Christmas cards. I love to send and receive them. I really love all mail and even going to the post office (when I can go without whiny children). I had multiple pen pals while in school and still love to send a handwritten note. My mom is a prolific card sender and always seems to have one addressed and stamped waiting on the corner of her desk to be sent to someone who is sick or bereaved.

My Nanny loved receiving Christmas cards so much that she used to display them all around the door frames of her den with a little piece of scotch tape in the corner of each one. The purchasing of Christmas cards during the end-of-the-year mark down and putting them away for the next year was also part of the tradition. There was such satisfaction at getting them 80% off.

So, what was I do to? I paid for the pictures, paid for the cards, and now here they were with my oldest son’s name spelled wrong.

Well, I sent them anyway and included this insert:

Yes, I know that Patrick’s name was spelled wrong on our Christmas card this year. I also know that many of you never would have noticed it if I had not drawn your attention to it.

Choose one of the following reasons for this typo:


  • It was very late at night when I made these cards.
  • I may need to have my eyes checked (those text boxes are tiny).
  • I have honestly never been a very good speller.
  • I usually have my own mother proofread everything I write.
  • I wanted another example of situational irony to give my students; I am an English teacher after all.  
  • This misspelling was purposeful as a symbolic gesture against the unrealistic expectations that are put on busy mothers during the holiday season.  


                                                                                                 Merry Christmas!

                                                                                                 Adian Nester

Answer: All of the Above!

  • SantaSessions2018-367.jpg

I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas together focusing on the things that really matter. And a little humor helps when things don’t go as planned.

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