Travel like an English teacher: London

- It was hard not to pack my Norton Anthology.  Following my mother's retirement from teaching as a Special Education English specialist for 20 years, we decided to make our pilgrimage to London, England, to experience many of the sights related to works we taught over the years.  My cousin Wendy, who is the third... Continue Reading →

Live the Compassion Experience

Allow yourself to step into the world of Olive, Kiwi, and Carlos; travel to their homes and experience their lives through their own words in an interactive exhibit. My mother, sister, and I took our five kids during our Good Friday off from school. A little more compassion at Easter sounded like a good thing. But... Continue Reading →

My teaching story: How day one influences today

My first day of teaching was sixteen years ago this past January.  I was a full-time graduate student, assistant volleyball coach, and regular substitute.  I was not planning on teaching full-time until I finished my Master's Degree. Well, I grew tired of dorm living quickly after the carefree undergraduate years were behind me and accepted a... Continue Reading →

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