Counting Descent: One teacher’s approach

After studying Clint Smith’s Counting Descent with #thebookchat, I knew that I had found the first poetry collection that I was going to teach. Teaching an entire collection of poetry was something that I had considered, but did not see the full benefits from until reading and working through Smith’s Counting Descent from start to... Continue Reading →

Hosting an African American Read In

We hosted our first African American Read In this year inspired by the National Council of Teachers of English Black Caucus. Ingredients: 1 part--Enthusiastic students with a renewed love for reading gained through choice and time in class to read. 1 part--An excellent librarian willing to do just about anything to foster student engagement in... Continue Reading →

Embracing change in the classroom

The first month of school has really been about trying new things in my classroom.  For the last several years I would have good intentions to try new approaches in my classroom or teach new texts.  I found that if I waited to implement these things later in the year, comfort and routine would take... Continue Reading →

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