My teaching manifesto for 2017-18

Tomorrow I will welcome new students and their parents (and likely many recent alumni) into my classroom for open house.  This fresh start is the perfect time to set some "gutsy goals" as we look ahead towards 180 days of learning together. I will pray for my students, individually and collectively. I will fail spectacularly.... Continue Reading →

Real childhood milestones to celebrate

While I do occasionally get a twinge of motherly yearning that makes me long for the days when I could easily scoop them up in my arms, I am so thankful to see them growing, learning, and maturing. P.S. Patrick and Liam, I am so proud of you. Here's to many more milestones to come! Now go switch the laundry. Love, Mama

Summer Reading: Check this out! (Literally)

In the kids’ section of the library, Liam pulls book off the shelf with wild abandon, especially if he sees pictures of trucks or construction vehicles.  This has proven quite effective and we have read some great books because of this approach, but it is also nice to have recommended books to look for and check... Continue Reading →

Grief and the power of words

  Grief and the power of words Preface: For Jordan Today would have been Jordan’s 34th birthday. He died a day before his 26th birthday in an accident that seems like it was months, not years ago.  As my first cousin who lived only a few hundred yards away from me and my sister, I... Continue Reading →

Summertime = Library time!

I am a library girl.  My love for libraries stems from great childhood memories, especially at the Chatham library in both the original and new locations.  Now our library visits are less for me and more for my kids.  Today’s visit filled our bag mostly with nonfiction: cooking books for Liam and military vehicle books... Continue Reading →

Wear your red gown with pride

It's graduation day.  The bag piper fills his bag to prepare for the slow march to the dais as the administrators take their places.  The faculty forms a sort of walkway/tunnel/barrier for late comers for the graduates to walk through. As the graduates processional through us in their red, polyester gowns many of them are laden... Continue Reading →

What a diagnosis of mono taught me

In my 17th year of teaching, I was diagnosed with mononucleosis.  Yes, an adult can actually get mono.  Who knew?  I was exhausted, moody, and thought something may be seriously wrong with me. The positive blood test for mono was a surprise, but in hindsight it should have been obvious. I worked every day through... Continue Reading →

Happy Mother’s Day, Mama

I followed in my mom’s footsteps to college as an English major, we took graduate level courses together as we pursued our Master’s degrees, and finally ended up teaching in the same school. I had the unique opportunity to work with my mom, not only in the same building, but also in the same classroom.... Continue Reading →

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